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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Can anyone help

For the last week my floowers have all gone missing the space is there and the heading but you are all hiding. If anyone else is having this problem or knows how i can solve this please leave me a message. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


Crafty Dawn said...

This has also happened to me I think it must be Blogger! as I was a bit worried but they returned after a while. I have sinced moved them to the bottom of my page as a few people said that the Follower option was causing other TECH problems too. I have had no problem since I moved them at all.

Hope this helps. it is a sheme though that all the lovely followers have to be at the bottom of the page!

Love Dawn xx

Barbara said...

Yes they are back now, on all the bloggers, hum moving them will stop problems. I will move mine too. thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I can't say I have had this problem yet.
Do u use Mozilla Firefox as your browser?
If not I would defo have to recommend it!
Since having it I have never had any problems with blogger, and its is a far faster browser! I hate IE now. lol.
I know alot of the girlies prefer it too, and its free to download! Hth.
Erin xxx

Crafty Dawn said...

Hi me too! i have fire fox now as I was told it would be better I haven't had any probs since I stilluse IE as it has all my stuff on that I cant remember and if I need too I copy & paste to FF alot of messin around though! I am glad all is well in Blog land with you. When do we get to see pics of new baby?

Love Dawn xx