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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Busssssssy Day and Happy 2nd Birthday to my Baby

Well what a horrid day weather wise here in Manchester. Today My son and his girlfriend went to see a house to rent for her and her son but he says he isnt moving just yet. Anyway she like to the area but the house was far too small. Anyway they called with an armful of presents for me as tomorrow being mother's day and chris is working they wont be round. i was shocked not being er Mum but she said that the card wasnt for my mum  but to a special lady. She got me a cute teddy with a recorder in and the little one had recorded Hi Sue love you. Also she had a lovely little basket with some blubs in.
it appears that her ex hasnt got a card for her from her son he is 2 so cant go shopping. So I quickly wrote the card i had recently made with his name in it so at least she has one this year.
Now who is 2 you are wondering well my little baby celebrates his 2nd birthday today gosh that has gone so quickly and here is a picture not the best as he needs a trim and a good brush.
So Happy Birthday Buddy


Nikbee said...

Such a gorgeous picture. How kind of you to get a card for the little boy to give his mother.
Nikki x

tilly said...

I think the gifts are meant for ME as I am special! lol........ happy birthday dog Tilly x

June Nelson said...

Aw this is a beautiful dog, love this photograph, big huggies Juen xxxxx

Anniebee said...

What a gorgeous boy he is, indeed! Is he a Sheltie or a full-sized Collie? It's hard to tell from the photo but I would guess Sheltie. His coat is absolutely luxurious and his markings are beautiful too. I popped by to thank you personally for the very sweet comment you posted on my blog today. I am so grateful for your comments and I love chatting it up with some of Rick's other admirers. I hope he likes what I have done with his images, if he's had a chance to see any of them that is. At any rate, I'm glad you like them and I hope you'll visit again soon. I have only just started collecting his images so there will be plenty more to come as I can afford to add one or two at a time.

Big hugs, Anniebee

Bridie Payne said...

Oh what a beautiful boy!

Janette said...

Oh Sue I missed this post, so sorry, I did wish Buddy a Happy Day by e-mail though.....he looks so content, gorgeous chops he