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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My 1st Award

Wow i have been award this from alex and Dianne i am so excited.

I am to nominate at least 5 people who show great attitude and /or gratitude.

Here are my 5 blogers

Jennie , kay , Tanya , carol and Anne

So click on their name and pop on over to each of their blogs and


jennie'g' said...

hi sue thank you so much for this award love jenniexx

kay said...

thanks so much sue,that is so nice of you.kayx
p.s loved the music

kay said...

have added to my blog sue and chosen 5 others,thanks,

Caroljenks said...

Thank You Sue :) I'm touched you thought of me :)
Off to think of 5 to pass it on to now!
Carol x