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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Not Feelin too good

Well Chris goes back tomorrow so i am not looking forward to it. I know it is what he wants but i will miss him although he says it is only because he makes a good cuppa. His next leave wont be till the summer hols about end of jume july seems such a long way off. Well off to do abit of his ironing for morning. Bye for now.


Kimmi said...

Awe Sue - Hugs - At least you know he will be on the end of a phone if he needs him mum to talk to. And the time will soon fly by. You'l look back in June/July time and wonder where the time has gone! Chin up!

Kim xx

kay said...

sorry you are feeling glum sue,but the time will fly and you can always ring him.he will soon be back
take care

Crafty Dawn said...

Hi Sue,

it's sad when they go back (my father was in the army) I know it's not the same but I can understand a little of how your feeling.

But look on the bright side (there is always something) Have you ever watched Pollyanna (disney film with Hayley Mills)She plays the glad game. so lets think of something..... well when he goes he will be a day closer to coming back!

I hope this helps and you can always have a go at my free candy! would love to help in any way you can always e-mail me.

Love Dawn xx

JACKIE said...

keep your chin up Sue and heres a huge ((((HUG)))) from me to you. The time will fly past before Chris is back on leave again and you can plan what your going to go and do next time hes home...look out for a cheer up pressie from me this week might put a little smile on your face....hugs Jackie xx