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Monday, 20 April 2009

Well Son Is Back At Base

Well son has gone back seemed strange not making him a cuppa this morning but did send a text wishing a good day and got one back straight away wishing me a good one and a little note saying he was missing me too. Lol. Now who is missing who the most he had to do his own bed and breakfast well walk to breakfast shop and back to washing and ironing his own stuff. I guess it is nice to be missed for something either way.
Well you never know might do a card later for 1 of the challenges as both the pollycraft and the stampavie come out today still got a few to do as well. Sun shinning and is too nice to stay in but must do a bit of cleaning 1st. Bye for now hope you all have a good day and call back soon.


kay said...

enjoy the sunshine sue and the quiet and tidy house as it wont be for long

pinky said...

Its must be hard when they go back, but you have the homecoming to look forward to again. Keep busy.