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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chris Home

Well Chris is home today till Sunday early morning. He is due up at Faslane on sunday for the rest of his training. So think i will have just enough time to finish a few cards fingers crossed. Then get ready for a house viewing on Friday evening and oh Nephews Party Saturday evening Puddletown Pirates and then MY SUNDAY MEET. Think I need the meet to recover wonder if the have a bed in the corner. lol
Please pop by have a few cards to upload later. Thanks for reading. Sue xx

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Unknown said...

Glad he is home get a photo this time lol (boys are all the same I practically have to beg to get a pickky.)

You mentioned hearing about DS (sorry I'm clueless to what you meen)

And you let me know about the next meeting in Warrington it's not far from me would love to come.

Love Dawn xx