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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Craft Fair Goodies

These are my goodies i got from the fair in leigh today had a wonderful day with a docraft friend. Christine aka Tilly trotter got a couple of other things but 1 for me off tilly for my birthday and another for another friend. Spent too much but it isnt like everyday is it.



Fab goodies Sue, so jealous will have to get nesties next lol.
Dianne xx

Unknown said...

can't see the nellies but I just know they are gorge oh sue my lovely WHIFF OF JOY arrived today I will hint to you they are very fruity! will post later xx

And well done to Chris bless him, my youngest is wanting to go into the army to be an engineer (iwould prefer the navy or RAF) lol but he is filled with the army at at school and is looking at collages an stuff oh well better that he has a plan than nothing!

Love Dawn xx

Unknown said...

Wellbeck that's the collage Matt want's to go to (I don't know if that is possible) I will have to look this all up! Stamps? are you making stamps now? my e-mail is on the blog DO tell!

Love Dawn xx