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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Not a Happy Day

Well went to deliver the belated card which she liked and just before i got home i had a car accident. I am ok thank god but got to sort car today so no craftying and needed what money i had for the craft event tomorrow.
Sat waiting to turn right into my road conditions dark and raining sat under a street light and cars coming towards me so couldnt turn when a hugh almighty bang. Turned round to look and a young lad aged 16 fellow off his bike. he had hitthe back of my car . He got up but was shaken and banged his hip and ellbow. So have to sort this. He lived over a mile away and couldnt push his bike so it is sat on my drive and i took him home. Poor lad. So today i have to see if someone can give me a quote on the damage hope it isnt much.
Bye for now
Lad has picked his bike up and estimate of £350 so not too bad lads dad not happy still waiting to see if he wants me to go through insurance or if they want to do it private. Dad said the lad has to sell his bike poor thing. I think. Looks like i will end up £250 down on my excess why do it always happen when there is a craft show in town. lol


Janette said...

Oh Sue,am so sorry,as long as you as the lad are ok....but flippin heck,when will good luck come round...will e-mail you.x

Kimmi said...

Oh Sue - I'm pleased you are all right. Poor car tho, and even more a poor boy! I hope he was ok and not too badly shaken up! Its scary when things like that happen.

I hope repairing your car doesnt cost too much!

Take care

Kimmi x

Lisa said...

Hi Sue, Sorry to hear about your car but at least you are okay and the young lad not too badly injured. x


Hi Sue sorry to hear about your car just glad you and the lad are ok.
Hope you get sorted soon.
Dianne xx

carol said...

hi sue pleased you are ok, shame about the excess, but if he is making a claim off his insurance you should not need to pay your excess i think!! x carol

Kazabing said...

Oh Hunni, I'm glad you are OK. Cars etc can be fixed. Kaza. xxx

annies place said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, hope the damage isn't too much & you're ok.
Nice lot of goodies you've got, hope the bump hasn't spoiled your day too much Ann x