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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Look what i have got 3 awards

Received this from Dazie Lovely blog with some fab cards so pop and and check it out. I have to pick 15 people which with the following award i am going to find it hard so please forgive me if i dont award to enough.

Just received this fab award from Dianne and Crafty Dawn thank you both really appreciate it. If you havent been to their blogs pop over now they are really great blogs and Lovely talented people and we chat most days and they have been very supportive to me.

Well here goes
Kay for her help in setting me up.
Janette for just being there when ever i need an ear
Alex for just being such a wonderful person and so talented
Jennie for being so generous
Kimmi for her support
Natalie for her encouragement
Anne for just being there and making such fab cards
Minah for her help and encouragement
Kathleen for her continued support
Scrappy Gill for being gill and talented
Dianne for being a fab talented kind friendi know you are supposed to give them back but well i couldnt think of better people to give to
Dawn for the same reason as dianne
Trish for her support on docrafts
Jackie for her continued support

Also like to give to all my friends and followers would love to list you all but fingers have gone dead. lol



HI sue
Thankyou for the lovely award a big (((hug))) Dianne xx

Jackie said...

Oh bless you Sus for thinking of me and thank you so much. I have collected but will be putting it them on my blog later when I've thought about who to give it to :o)
Jackie xx

Janette said...

Oh you are a sweetheart,thanks so much Sue,really appreciate it,big hugs your daft pal,Janette.x

Diamond Doll said...

Awww Thanx Sue,I have given it now to all my followers as i appreciated everyone of them.
Trish (-:

annies place said...

Hi Sue, Thank you so much, I have to add on my other laptop as this one doesn't have word.
These awards are so fantastic to receive & I don't feel I deserve it .
Ann x

annies place said...

Hi again Sue, I'm not sure which is the one you've given me, sorry to be so thick.
I really appreciate you giving me this, so don't want to take the wrog one. Ann x

annies place said...

Hi Sue, Thanks again, love your new layout, very fresh & summery.
You are so clever, I'd be frightened to mess with mine in case it all disappeared LOL
Ann x