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Sunday, 6 September 2009

New Award

Hi folks well what can i say i am honered to have received this award from the lovely Kirsty ( Fairycakes) a docraft buddy and fab blogger. If you havent seen her blog what are you waiting for you wont be disappointed.
Now i have to pass this onto someone that inspies me. Now i have to pick 1 person which is so unfair as there are so many of you with fab blogs that i have learnt so much from. I have decided to pass this onto someone that inspies me in more than 1 way her courage and strength and generousity, Kim. Please go and checkout her blog and see her pictures of her gorgous baby girl poppy not to mention her stunning cards you wont be disappointed.

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Kimmi said...

Congratulations on your award Sue. And thank you so much for passing it on to me :D I need some cheering up this week. Poppy's Great Gran who is 95 broke her hip at the weekend, and she is looking very frail and helpless. I'm just about to post about this, will have to get my thinking hat on to pass it on to some one :D


Kimmi xx