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Friday, 13 November 2009

Me again. An Award

Wow another post not been on for a week and now you cant get rid of me lol.

Received this a award from 3 fab talented people. The lovely Rachel who you must visit she is such a lovely young lady and so talented you wouldnt guess that she is soo young from her work. I am honored she has thought to pass this onto me. Also i have been given this by the very talented Wendy of Wendy's Digital Doodles gosh wish i could draw. Aslo got this sent back to me from the lovely and talented Janette that should really believe in her talent more so please pop by click her name at the bottom and tell her how tallented she is. Thanks girls appreciate it.

To qualify for the award, I have to answer the following questions with just 1 word:
Here goes......
1 Where is you cell phone - coat

2 Hair - Brown

3 Mother - heaven

4 Father - Treasure
5 What is you favourite food - Indian
6 Dream last night - didnt
7 Favourite drink - Coffee

8 Your dream goal - security
9 What room are you in? - bedroom
10 Your hobby - crafting
11 Your fear - homeless
12 Where do you want to live in 6 years time? - New house
13 Where were you last night? Home
14 Something that you aren't - rich
15 Muffins - Blueberry
16 Wishlist item - endless
17 Where did you grow up? Manchester
18 Last thing you did -Make Tea
19 What are you wearing - Jeans
20 Your TV - On
21 Your pets - None
22 Your friends - Life savers
23 Your life - hard
24 Your mood - okay
25 Missing someone - yes
26 Vehicle - Renualt
27 Something you're not wearing - Makeup
28 Your favourite store - too many
29 Your favourite colour - Green
30 Last time you laughed - Yesterday
31 Last time you cried - Saturday
32 Your best friend - Sarah
33 One place you go to over and over - school
34 One person who emails you regularly - Janette
35 Favourite place to eat - home
36 Facebook - Yes
... Thanks Rachel and Mandy... and now I have to pass it on to another 5 of my favourite blog sites...



Hi Sue
Thankyou for this award ,i will pop it on my blog soon,
Hugs Dianne xx

Janette said...

Thankyou so much as forewarned....right back at ya....add my name to yours .....x

Helen said...

Thanks for thinking of me Sue! :0)
Helen x

Rachel said...

glad you like it :) you deserve it. Rachel xx