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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Morning Peeps

Hi folks hope you all had a good nights sleep got up this morning and my freezer is playing up think it has finally died poor thing. Grrrrrrrrrrrr well as it is weekend just wondering how quick i can get another and best thing is i went shopping yesterday. Oh well more money down the drain. Really need someone that delivers next day. Gone are the good old days where you went and they came that day with it or the next if in stock. Guess all comes from warehouse now.

Well off now to Craft Meet in Warrington have a good day. Come back tomorrow for latest up date and you never know i might even share my news with you.


Noreen said...

Awww Sue, isn't that just typical :-( Hope you get it sorted soon. We're lucky enough to have an independant trader who does deliver (sometimes within the hour!) but you pay much more than elsewhere. I like to support local traders, but can't afford to at those prices.

Enjoy your craft meet - guess you won't be cooking everything now if you're crafting. Noreen x

Janette said...

Hi Sue,Aww sorry about your freezer,what job we can laugh....and I know just what you mean about the delivery bit...drives me mental all this you get fixed up.xx

Mad Moose said...

oh dear - hope you get a new freezer sorted soon - nothing like defrosted food and no way of eating it all