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Friday, 11 June 2010

Appeal for your vote

Hi peeps i know this is craft related but my nephew is in a band and is in need of your vote. If they win then they will get time in a recording studio . They have worked really hard and are serious about their music so if you have a spare moment and would like to help a young up and coming Manchester band then please follow this link.
The band is the " MISSING LINK" and my nephew is the lead singer from Manchester.


Messi Jessi said...

Have voted for your nephew, hope he wins!!

Suzanne said...

Just been to vote. Good luck to the band x

kay said...

off to vote sue,there is a award on my blog for you,x

Janette said...

Just voted Sue,hope they do it.x

Naomi Johnson said...

done, done, done and done - whats the point in having 4 email accounts if you don't use them once in a while? lol ;p

Mina said...

voted Sue...they are really good
Mina xxx