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Monday, 14 June 2010

Award Time

I have been given this award by 4 friends Dianne Kay Angie & Lizzy. Check there blogs out you wont be disappointed all very talented people and 3 of the nicest and most helpful people.
Well It appears i have to tell you 6 lies and 1 truth. Now wonder will guess which is which.
I am 45 years old
I have 3 children
I holiday every year in LA
I am the eldest of 10 children 5 blood 4 step and me
I am in a Choir
I drive a sports car
I am getting married next year
Have you worked out the truth
I now have to pass this onto 7 people

Janette always there ready to help
Tilly for keeping me sane or is that the other way round
Jules for just being jules
Naomi for being one of the most thoughtful people i know
Lindsey for making me laugh
Natalie for giving me my 1st DT place and being a good friend
Rachel for being the best example of youth today

Ok did you work out the truth


kay said...

well i am sure i saw you zoom past me the other day in a open top car so that must be the

Naomi Johnson said...

awww thanks hun! will get this sorted out when back on my computer!

Janette said...

Is it you are the eldest of the children in your are you secretly marrying Mr Wonderful next year and haven't had the heart to say for this Sue,and have e-mailed you about Mia's gorgeous card...big thanks for

Rachel said...

Well i deffo saw you in LA last year, when i was flying in my private jet over my mansion, so i'm guessing that one's true :)
Thanks so much Sue. 'best example of youth today' must be joking! hehehe
Tah very muchly
Rachel xx

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sue!