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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Little Favour Please

Hi folks this cold wet evening think PJ's and cosy night in is best thing here. Well you may ask what the favour is I am getting to it. A dear friend has just found out she has a place on Dream Valley team lots of you may know her. Janette - aka littlebo. Well she still says she is rubbish and her stuff is tat read her blog so pop over and congratulate her as she might now start to belive tilly and I when we say she is good/talented. Grr we hate her for it. lol.
So please pop on over HERE and say hi she is very excitable about it as it is her 2nd spot.


Kirsty said...

Hi DONE !! ;0)

Janette said...

Awww Sue, your such a love, thanks for this I am grateful......but Tilly still insists it's all TAT.....the bloody cheek...pmsl...xxxxxxxxxxxxxyour a good friend.xxxxxx