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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Can Anyone Help - UPDATE

Hi Peeps thanks for your comments and a massive thanks to  ahlers5 this was the blog not sure how you found it as it didnt show when i hoovered over it but all fixed. 
Thanks for anyone else having this problem checkout the comments on this post

Hi folks I keep getting a site on my blog roll which is really not a very nice one well I am not  prude but this is not what I signed up for when crafting. The site is not on my followers list so can not delete from the roll does anyone else know how i can remove. Let us say that I wouldnt like anyone under the age of 18 seeing this. It is not a english speaking site from the little that is on the roll I have not even gone to the site.
Any advice would be helpful as I would hate for anyone to think this was what i called crafting


Mandy said...

Hi Sue,
Try getting in touch with Janet over at Pink Gem Designs she had the same problem a few weeks ago she maybe able to point you in the right direction as to what to do to get rid of it....Hope you sort it out...
Mandy x

Kazabing said...

Hi Sue, I'm afraid I don't know the answer. Nit must be horrible to experience something like that, luckily for me I ave not. Maybe there is some information in blogger help on how to deal with this. I shall have a look too. Fingers crossed.
Kaza xxx

rachel said...

let me know when you find out sue as I have one too xx

coops said...

hi sue.
i had this, it was a religious blog.i found out that it was a blog i followed but the person who`s blog it was had shut it down and the religious one had taken there blog name and they inherit their followers for some reason.
When you see this blog in your dashboard, hover over the title and the blog url should pop up at the bottom of your screen.write it down and then click on the manage blogs your follow cog icon and find it in your list and stop following it.


Chrissy said...

I'm the same Aunty very pretty either..I also had clothing blog but never once clicked them open.. 52 posts in a row...they have vanished, and now the porn..would be very interested in how to get rid of them..


ahlers5 said...

I just got rid of one that was posting porn on my list. It was called Buntet. It is actually coming through Karen's Doodles Challenge Blog. I stopped following that blog and the porn disappeared. Hope this helps.

Aunty Sue said...

Thanks girls yes it was karen doodles challenge blog stopped following and it has disappeared

tilly said...

what kerfuffles you manage to get yourself into heheheheh
Tilly xx

Chrissy said...

Thanks ever so much for coming over to my worked..deleted Karens doodles challenge blog and all is well..


Margarets designer cards said...

Interesting to read about tis and the answers, not had it yet and like you don't want it, I shall keep it in mind if it happens
Thanks for the information

ahlers5 said...

I googled how to find it. When you have your reader open click on each site you are following. You can see the posts from each individual site this way. It takes a while depending on how many sites are on your list! When I got down to Karen's Doodles those offensive posts appeared and I found the culprit. I know they closed the site a long time ago.