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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Let Us Remember My Great Grandads and more Heros

Great Granddads  resting place in Wimeraux.

My Aunt in Australia has made this and each year will add till 2018. All the flowers are handmade.
Pictures of both of  my Great Grandads who fought in the 1st world war.
The one in Red is Robert Davies 
he died 8 months after my granddad was born and only saw him once.

This is my other Great Grandad who survived and was awarded a medal for bravery for going back for an injured officer under heavy gunfire and approaching German infantry. This is him in his Demob suit 1919 with some of mates

This is a picture of him with my Great Gran in happier times 
dont they look a handsome couple.

God Bless Them! 

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Janette said...

Awww Sue, what a lovely tribute, such brave men/boys....nice we should all remember though...xx